Count on me - Whitney Houston

Count on me through thick and thin, a friendship that will never end
when you are weak I will be strong helping you to carry on
Call on me I will be there, don't be afraid
please believe me when I say count on...

I can see it's hurting you, I can feel your pain
It's hard to see the sunshine through the rain, oooh
I know, sometimes it seems as if it's never gonna end
but you'll get through it, just don't give in

you can (rep *)

Oooh, I know sometimes it seems as if we're standin' all alone
but we'll get through it, 'cause love won't let us fall

(rep *)

There's a place inside of all of us where our faith and love begin
you should reach to find the truth and love, the answer's there within,
I know that life can make you feel it's much harder than it really is,
but we'll get trough it, just don't give in

(rep *)

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